One Room Challenge Week 6 – Living Room Sofa Update

It’s Week 6 of the One Room Challenge, which was supposed to be the final week & the big reveal.  With the natural disasters around the country and shipping issues for may designers the entire One Room Challenge process has been extended by one week for the first time ever, to help designers finish their spaces.  Thank goodness, because I can use all the help I can get!  If you have been following along you may be wondering what the heck happened to our Week 5 update?!?  Well, there really wasn’t any progress last week to be honest, other than the fact that there is a reason they call this process a challenge!  You just never know what life is going to throw at you during this 6 process & we’ve been in parent mode first & foremost helping our little one through being sick.  Then this week’s challenge has been the fact that we are doing a project on the outside of our home on a retaining wall and the internet cable coming into our house was cut during the construction.  So, no internet makes it kind of hard to do a decent post.  I was lucky enough to grab a quick photo to show you that the new leather sofa has arrived this week.

Now let me give you a little update on our sofa selection.  My originally sourced caramel leather sofa of my dreams was kind of pricey.  When the fabric sample arrived it also seemed darker than in the original photo I sourced below.   What to do??? So, I shopped around & I found this sofa above & the color really was very similar to the sample leather I received on the more expensive sofa.  Plus it was about half the price.  So, I decided last minute to go with the sofa above.  I’m really bummed because it is definitely darker than the caramel leather I was dreaming of & when the sofa was delivered its darker than the one I saw in the store….ughhh.  But it is a much nicer quality leather than our last one.  It is definitely much lighter than the last sofa too, although it is kind of difficult to see that in the photo above.  So, I think its going to stay.  I’m pretty sure my husband would want to kill me if I sent it back now…

I’m still working to find a solution of the end table, since the one I sourced is on back order until January.  I’m also working on window treatments.  We’ll see what I can come up with in the eleventh hour so to speak!  Wish me luck!  Stop back next week for our final reveal!

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  1. tim@designmaze Avatar

    sorry about the sofa … how could it be that they shipped a different color leather version than the one you picked in store? not in camel shade but it does work sophisticatedly together with your ottoman and the rug … oh I LOVE your rug!!! looking forward to seeing it all next week!